State Wars Hockey

General Info

Signature Statement of State Wars Hockey, Inc
The goal of State Wars Hockey is to provide a competitive geographically structured national roller hockey event that gives selected participants a feeling of pride and honor to represent their home state or province.

Governed by the United States Roller Hockey Commission (USRHC) and guided by experienced and motivated coaches, roller hockey players of the same birth year are given the opportunity to tryout for their state and provincial team, which will compete at State Wars for the United States Roller Hockey Championship.

With the leadership and experience of its founders and developers, State Wars will increase the growth of roller hockey throughout the United States and Canada.


State Wars is the major roller hockey event that takes place every summer where all of the state and provincial teams will compete for the United States Roller Hockey Championship. State Wars is the one awesome event that all the players who tryout for their state or provincial team are trying to make. If you make your state or provincial team then you are considered the best within your division and your state/province. You will then begin to practice and train for State Wars with your state/provincial team and coach. You will go onto and view your own player profile as well as the profile of all the other players who make their state teams. You will know who you are playing against even before you get to State Wars. Your team will strategically prepare for State Wars because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all those who make it. Remember, you choose to go to your state/provincial tryouts but you are selected to go to State Wars. It is an honor to represent your state/province so bring your "A" game to tryouts. All players are given a fair and equal chance to be selected by the unbiased United State Roller Hockey Commission (USRHC).



Winter Wars (East & West) roller hockey events take place every winter and are open to any teams who would like to compete for the Winter Wars Championship.  Players must be from the same state or province.


These events will take place in the April and May months in Michigan and Georgia. They are open to any teams who woulkd like to compete against teams traveling in from outside of the state.  Players must be from the same state or province.


State and Provincial tryouts take place between March through June of each year and are open to any player who would like to tryout for their State or Provincial.  Players who are selected recieve the honor of representing their State or Province at STATE WARS.

USRHC (United States Roller Hockey Commission)
The USRHC (United States Roller Hockey Commission) is a national roller hockey organization that was formed to act as the unbiased selection committee to choose the top roller hockey players in the United States and Canada.  The USRHC will hold open state/provincial tryouts and will choose the best players in each division to represent their home state/province at State Wars. The USRHC is made up of outstanding roller hockey people who have an eye for talent. These individuals have a great deal of experience in the sport of roller hockey. Some of them have pro hockey experience both playing and coaching but all of them have a passion for the sport. The most important quality they possess is their knack for finding players who will work well together in order to represent their state/province at State Wars.

  • The USRHC is an unbiased selection committee that will choose the top roller hockey players in the United States and Canada

  • The USRHC is made up of outstanding roller hockey people who have an eye for talent

State and Provincial Teams
State/Provincial teams are formed by the USRHC from the players who register and participate in their respective state/provincial tryout. These state/provincial teams make State Wars Hockey so unique because the only way a player can play at the State Wars event is to make his or her state/provincial team. You cannot just jump on a team at the last minute or play with a team from another state/province. In order to show that you are the best in your state/province you must register for and participate in your state/provincial tryouts. If you are selected for your state/provincial team then you get to showcase your skills while being a part of a select few. All the players in the world will know that you are one of the best players in your state/province. Instant respect. When you are at other roller or ice hockey tournaments players will recognize you as a State Wars player. Playing for your state/provincial team and playing at State Wars is like playing in the Little League World Series. But as you and I know, hockey is a much better sport.

If a player has a history of playing for a specific state/province and moves to a state/province that doesn't field teams for them to continue playing at State Wars.  State Wars Hockey management may allow a player to continue playing with the state/provincial team that they has been playing for in the past.  Such players or parents must contact our office to discuss.

  • State teams are formed by the USRHC from the players who register and participate in their respective state/provincial tryout

  • The only way a player can play at the State Wars event is to make his or her state/provincial team

  • Playing for your state/provincial team and playing at State Wars is like playing in the Little League World Series, but for roller hockey


Online Registration
Online Registration makes it so easy for you to register for your state/provincial tryouts. You simply go to and click the register now button. It directs you to the Tryout Registration page where you can complete and submit the form to ensure you have a place at your state tryouts. This easy process was made available so that no one else is responsible for making sure you have a place in the tryout. You do not need a coach or a team manager to register. You are able to do it yourself. Just ask one of your parents or your legal guardian to help you register. You will then be periodically emailed directly with necessary information about your state tryouts. The specific times of your state tryouts will be posted on your state web page at least one week prior to the stated tryout date. Any additional info you may need will be found on and through periodic emails from State Wars Hockey.

  • Registration is as easy as 1-2-3 !

  • Simply click the REGISTER NOW BUTTON, complete the forms, click the "complete registration" button, and that's it

  • Registration will be complete after the tryout fee is paid, this will ensure your spot at your state/provincial tryout

  • You are able to register yourself from the comfort of your own home

  • You will receive direct emails to keep you updated about your state tryout

State/Provincial Residence
A player may only attend the state/provincial tryout of the state/province in which he/she uses as their primary residence. The words "residence", "reside", and "residing" refer to a place of bona fide continuous habitation. The term "resident" is defined as an individual whose domicile (home) is in a specific place (in this case a specific state). An individuals domicile is that place where one maintains a permanent home and which one intends to return to. One does NOT acquire a new domicile simply by a presence in another state due to enrollment in a college or other postsecondary institution. Living in a state solely for the purpose of attending a college or other instituion does not, in itself, demonstrate that legal residence has been established. The domicile of an unemancipated student is that of the parents or guardians.  Evidence of emancipation must include the establishment of financial independance. There are some small exceptions for goalies or younger division players, that can be found in our Q & A section.


A player will have to show proof of residence if he/she is selected for their state/province team. If still in school and living at home, a player may show one of the following documents as proof.  If a player is out of school he/she may show any of the following documents but they must be in his/her name, not parents.

  • School ID card, school report card, utility bill, or a verifiable form which clearly identifies player name with address

  • Vaild State issued driver's license - may be in parents or players name

  • Pay check or pay stub - where player or parents name is shown as well as state is shown

  • Utility bill made out to player or parents name and state must be shown in mailing address (within 30 days of tryout)

Proof Of Age
A player may only attend the state/provincial tryout in his/her birth year division. All players who are selected for their state/provincial team must show proof of age in one of the following ways.

  • Original government issued Birth Certificate (Canada, USA and their territories) No Hospital Birth Certificates

  • Government Issued "Certified Copy" of Birth Certificate, with Government Seal

  • Original Passport

  • Original USA Immigration Card

  • Original State Driver's License (Issued by appropriate Motor Vehicle Department)

  • Original State ID Card (Issued by appropriate Motor Vehicle Department)

  • Original USA Military ID Card (Issued by appropriate Department of Defense)

Tryout Procedures
Tryout Procedures begin first with making sure you are registered for your state/provincial tryouts. You do so by registering online via After you have completed the registration process you will recieve a confirmation email that will tell you what to do. This email will let you know where and when to look for the specific times of your state/provincial tryout. Once you have that info, which will be posted on one week prior to the scheduled tryout date, you will then make arrangements to be dressed and ready 1/2 hour prior to your divisions tryout time.   The on-rink tryout process will involve assessment of both individual skill and scrimmage play. All state/provincial tryouts will be conducted with the same goals in mind.

  • Each State/Province may have up to 2 teams in a birth year.  Each State/Province is not required to have 2 teams and only one team may be selected at tryouts.  Teams will be placed in the skill level division that best suits them.

  • There will be up to 8 skaters selected in all State tryouts (Provincial teams may field 10 skaters if they choose to do so).

  • There will be 2 spots on 'reserve' for all teams, these spots may be filled by skaters at the request of the State Director/Head Coach and approved by the State Wars Hockey National office. These players must be registered for tryouts and have notified the State Wars Hockey office with good reason as to why they could not attend the tryout.  These players would have to be considered impact players who would only improve the existing State team.

  • Up to 2 state/provincial teams MAY be selected in a birth year to play at State Wars.  Teams will be placed in whatever skill division the USRHC feels they belong.  The home state hosting State Wars may have an unlimited amount of teams in a division.

  • If there are only a limited amount of players at tryouts, players may be added at a later date to complete the team

  • Each state/provincial tryout is 2 hours in length.  Players are required to be at a minimum of ONE of the tryout sessions but it is strongly recommended that all players attend both 1 hour sessions.

  • The USRHC is selecting the players that they feel have displayed the skills and characteristics they are looking for

  • The USRHC is an unbiased selection committee that has no affiliation with the state in which the tryout is being held


Goalie Rules

Each year there are some teams that absolutely can't find a goalie to play for their state or provinical team. If this is the case and State Wars Hockey also can't find a goalie in that home state or province to play, we may assign a goalie to play for the team. This added goalie can only be assigned by the State Wars Hockey staff, as we do not want to see an entire team be unable to play because of this vacant position. If a goalie from the home state or province does want to play, the must be the one assigned first.

If a state or province has two teams in a birth year (with one playing AAA/AA and the other playing AA/A) they may list both of their goalies on both rosters for emergency purposes.

State Wars Fees
In order for each player to be registered for their state/provincial tryout they must complete the tryout registration form and pay the $60 tryout fee. The tryout fee is to be paid by credit card on the tryout registration page.  All tryout fees must be paid through the website. This is the only way to insure that a spot at your state tryout is secure. Below is what you will recieve once you are registered for your state tryout.

  • All State tryouts are RISK FREE, if a player attends their State tryout (both hours) and is not selected for their State team...they will receive a full refund of the $60 tryout fee.   *** Please note however, that tryout fees are non refundable for those that do not attend the full tryout session or for whatever reason change their minds about attending.***
  • Players will register to tryout specifically for either the AAA/AA or AA/A state/provincial team

  • All registered players will receive a confirmation email from State Wars Hockey letting them know that they have successfully signed up for their state/provincial tryout. This email will contain all the information they will need to know about their tryout

  • Every player will receive a free State Wars Hockey practice jersey

  • All players attending their state tryout will get the chance to play for their state/provincial  team and play with the best players and coaches in the state/province

If a player is selected for their state/provincial team, then they will get a chance to play against the best players in the country at State Wars. They will compete at STATE WARS (date and location changes each year).  Once the USRHC makes their selections for a state team, all players chosen and their parents will attend a meeting at the tryout facility during the course of the tryout weekend. At this meeting players will be fitted for their custom state team uniforms, photographed for their state page on the State Wars website, and parents/guardians will pay the State Wars fee. The total State Wars fee will be $300 per player if selected for their state/provincial team. This fee includes the following:

  • Home and Away custom jerseys designed by Projoy, all jerseys will have players name and # sublimated into them, team jerseys are players to keep

  • Matching custom State Wars Hockey pants supplied by Mission, Alkali and Tour Hockey

  • Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 5 games at the State Wars event

  • Bragging rights that you are one of the best players of your own birth year in your home state or province

Player Eligibility Penalty
If a player attends his/her State/Provincial tryout and is selected to their team, then that player must attend the mandatory team meeting at the conclusion of their tryout sessions.  If a player decides not to play for their state team and does not complete the registration requirements, for whatever reason, after the selected players names have been posted, that player will lose his/her eligibility for that year and the following year and not be permitted to play at State Wars or participate in any State Wars Hockey events until the suspension is over. 

Custom Pants Sizing (for all custom State Wars Hockey pants)
If your child is playing at State Wars, they are each supplied with a pair of custom State Wars Hockey pants from one of our sponsors (Mission/Bauer, Alkali, and Tour). The following divisions will be supplied pants by the following companies (this could always change based on supply at the event please note). See sizing chart at link below to make best sizing selection for your child.

Alkali Hockey (6under, 2003, 2000, 1997 divisions)

Mission Hockey (2007, 2005, 2001, 1999 divisions)

Tour Hockey (2006, 2004, 2002, 1998 divisions)

Sizing Chart below

Pants Sizing Chart

22" - 24"
16" - 18"
20" - 22"
24" - 26"
20" - 22"
24" - 26"
26" - 28"
24" - 26"
26" - 28"
Sen SM
30" - 34"
26" - 28"
30" - 32"
32" - 36"
30" - 32"
32" - 34"
34" - 38"
34" - 36"
34" - 36"
Sen XL
36" - 40"
38" - 40"
38" - 40"